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{June 28, 2007}   Mind over Scale

I’m prone to some serious scale-obsessing. I weigh myself everyday and duly write it down in my little journal. When the scales are nice and show a drop each day, I’m a happy bunny. The black clouds of depression set in when I keep seeing a jump upwards, however. I know about daily fluctuations and all that, I just can’t help it!

Last week I didn’t set foot on my scales for days and days. I knew I’d put weigh on, after the scoff fest we had over a 2-week period. First of all, it was the stress-eating due to the interview we had to get residency, then it was the celebration –eating when we finally got the go ahead, then came the celebration drinking…and then a bit more eating. You get the picture… Anyway I put about 7 pounds (3 kg) on, but I knew most of that had to be water bloat and the weight of the food still sitting in my stomach like a guilty brick, and I didn’t stress, in fact I laughed. Ha!

I had dropped 9 pounds in a week some time ago, simply by drinking my way through a river’s worth of water, As soon as I got back into eating well, I’d drop that in a week I confidently thought to myself….Not so.

One week later I actually weigh a pound more than this, and am back up to 15 stone 4 pounds (214 lb/ 97.3 kg) and I feel a bit flat. I’ve worked hard this week in the gym, and resisted the biscuits at night, eaten mostly fruit and veggies and had no wine at all! Weeks like this in the past would have given me a 3-4 pound loss. I’m stumped, but not stressing, which has got to be a step in the right direction…right?

I’m just gonna plod on, try to dump a bit of the salt I seem to be adding to food willy-nilly at the moment, and give it some time. Perhaps that needs to be my new mantra -Give It Some Time. I don’t think the dreaded monthly bloat is due, but who knows, my ovaries seem to have their own wacky calendar at the moment. So the plan is to be consistant with eating, and move a bit more, I really don’t know what else to do.


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